9/11, Bombs, Bono and Bin Laden: The story of the 21st Century in 75 minutes…

By turns amusing and moving, Borders is an urgent, satirical attack on both celebrity culture, and the West's inertia towards the Syrian crisis.

The story is told by two artists. One: a Western news photographer - who after taking a rare picture of Bin Laden - is propelled to superstardom. The other: an anonymous Syrian graffiti artist who's forced to flee her country after seeking regime change. The duo's monologues intercut, until the pair meet in a heart-wrenching climax.

Praised for its astounding performances, evocative dialogue, immaculate research and vivid story-telling, Borders was one of the biggest hits at Edinburgh '17 - selling out its entire run, receiving an astonishing 19 five-and four-star reviews, and winning both the leading theatre awards (The Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh and the Fringe First). Written by the multi-award winning British playwright Henry Naylor, and boldly directly by Michael Cabot with Louise Skaaning, this is fast-paced, stripped-back theatre: conveying a huge and epic story, with only two actors, simple lighting and a couple of stools. It features two stellar performances. Graham O'Mara is both hilarious and moving as Sebastian; and Avital Lvova's extraordinary Nameless is informed by her own experiences as a displaced person.

An urgent commentary on one of the great crises of our time, Borders was inspired by many interviews with refugees.

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